Research activity in NLSD(nonlinear and linear systems design) Laboratory is never ordinary. But, this year makes it extra special by enrolling potential students in teams of recently-started projects emerging from new areas. NLSD laboratory is proud to present a dazzling array of researching opportunities for students in KIT(Kyushu Institute of Technology) and those from other universities including overseas countries. NLSD activities include seminars for undergraduate and graduate students seeking to learn state-of-the-art theories and technologies as well as project meetings for developing your own research topics. In addition to regular meetings, other opportunities are also arranged for students looking for a head start for your careers of research and development in the field of control system science and technology. Not to mention all the members of NLSD laboratory and the director love to expand the possibilities of people who are desiring to discover new theories and technologies for the future. You can shine by simply join us for extraordinary opportunities of learning and researching.
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